Adding Style and Security: The Importance of Gates for St Petersburg Fences

Are you planning to get a gate installed on your fence? A gate can make your fence more functional and add to the curb appeal of your St Petersburg home. Often, homeowners overlook the practicality of a gate and only focus on how it looks.

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How to choose the right gate?

Our clients often have trouble choosing the right gates for their fences. That is because they are not familiar with the important aspects of a gate. Here are some things you should consider when you are choosing a gate for your fence:

It should match your home

It is not very often that you see an ordinary-looking gate at the entrance of a lavish-looking home. Likewise, you would not see a pink gate in front of a home with neutral tones. That is something you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for a gate. It should match the overall aesthetic of your home.

Types of gates

Many fence companies in St Petersburg, Florida only offer minimal services. At St Petersburg Fencing Co, we have a wide array of fencing services. Our experts know gate installation like the back of their hands.

Here are some types of gates you can choose to install in your home:

  • Cantilever Gates: These gates have a counterbalance system. They appear as free-floating off your driveway.
  • Rolling Gates: These gates have tricks embedded underneath them. The roller system has wheels that allow the gate to be opened and closed without much effort.
  • Specialty Gates: These gates are customized for your property, depending on how grand you want them to look. Many of them have an automation system, although it is not a necessity. Some of them are completely manual.

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Gate installation FAQs

Can driveway gates open outwards?

Yes, driveway gates can open outwards, but this is not considered the right way. Traditionally, it is acceptable for the gates to open inwards into your property as this is the direction from which a visitor enters the house.

How to choose the right gate size?

The gate size you choose will depend on where you want to install the gate. The gate installed at the back of the house will have a different size from the one you install in your driveway. If you are uncertain about the size of the gate, speak to your fencing contractor and they will help you out.

Can gates be customized?

If you want an affordable gate for your St Petersburg property, it’s a good idea to opt for premade gates with standard sizes. However, if you have the budget for it and you want to go out of your way to add grandeur to your home, you can get customized gates as per your aesthetic sense and preferences.

A stylish gate could have a picket top or a lattice, but at the end of the day, if it does not match your home, it is not your ideal pick. Visualize the final picture you want your home to portray with the gate installed.

That should give you an idea of the kind of gate you want to install. Make sure the gate does not distract attention from the rest of your home’s exterior. Instead, it should complement your property’s style.

Security matters

The primary function of a gate is to provide security and a way for you to enter and leave the house. The gate should keep your yard or driveway secure. It should also ensure there is not enough space for kids or pets to climb through.

If you want to really crank up the security, look for self-locking doors. If you have a pool in your house, get a gate for that enclosure too. It will keep the kids and pets out of harm’s way.

Materials and colors

When looking for gates, you will come across many colors and materials. Sometimes, there are so many choices that it can be hard to pick just one. To make the process easier, you can simply match the gate to the fence.

However, it does not always have to be this way. The material and color of the gate can be different from that of the fence too. For instance, if you choose a black vinyl gate for your home, it will last for a long time and will not show stains too much.

Similarly, if you have a wooden fence, you can get a picket gate in a different design. It will go well with the fence while bringing versatility at the same time. Do not be afraid to mix and match.

Rear gate requirements

The gate you install at the front of the house should obviously be eye-catching and must complement your home’s style. Since it is in direct view, you should not compromise on the quality and visual appeal of this gate.

However, when you are selecting a gate for the rear side of the house, you should focus more on practicality and functionality.

Look for accessories

Once you have selected the gate you want to install, go ahead and get some accessories to make the gate look more unique and put together. For example, you can add some lights to the gate. They will add security by giving you a view of whoever is entering your home.

Some other accessories include vines, shrubs, and flowers.

Should the gate swing in or out?

One of the major questions that our clients ask us is if the fence gate should swing in or out. Since you will be opening and closing the gate multiple times a day, installing it the wrong way could cause a nuisance.

As a rule of thumb, your fence gate should always open inward. Why is that? You do not want the gate to open into the public space. Instead, it should open into your private space. If the gate is on a slope or any uneven landscape, your fence contractor of St Petersburg, Florida may have to install multiple hinges to fix it in place.

Here are some other things to keep in consideration:

Open wide

Your fence gate should open as wide as possible. It will help you get more use out of your gate. Plus, it adds to the functionality of the gate. It does not really matter what kind of gate it is. Whether it is one for the pool or the garden, you need to make sure it opens wide.

Many experts recommend that the gate should open at least one meter. If you have format entryway gates, they should open up to three meters.

Double or single?

Another thing that homeowners struggle with is choosing if they want the gate to be double or single. If it is a smaller opening, a single gate should be fine. But if the opening is large, such as a driveway, the gate should be double.

The bottom line is that the gate should be convenient to use.

No Obstacles

If you intend to get a fence gate installed, check if there is enough space for one. Sometimes, you may have the space, but it is covered with an obstacle, such as a wall. This could lower the functionality of the gate as you may not be able to open it fully.

Your gate should not block the path, nor should it be inconvenient to work with.